Many of us do not realise that the agri-food sector as a whole is still one of the most important sectors of the current economy. According to Eurostat [1], agriculture contributed 1.3% to the European Union’s GDP in 2019. What is more, 4.5 million people are employed in the European Union in the food and beverages industry generating a turnover of €827.2 billion. If we combine these data with the new requirements that the agricultural production is in need of, it becomes quite obvious that innovation is a one-way solution to face all the challenges associated with the quality and effectiveness of agricultural production. AgriCoopValue Erasmus+ project aims to create a unified social accounting system for agri-food cooperatives to measure all the impacts, i.e., economic, social, environmental, that its industry produces adapted to its 5 subsectors: dairy, meat, fruit and vegetables, wine and olive oil. Stay tuned!

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