When thinking about agriculture most of us picture things of the past that no longer depict the reality. On the contrary, farmers have made great use of technology and innovation replacing lots of less effective or outdated traditional processes in the past few years. Moreover, issues like climate change, food security and the preservation of biodiversity are taken into account before reaching an agreement on future policy actions.

The key to achieving even greater development is collaboration. This is exactly what European Research and Innovation Days 2021 are about. It is one of the most important events organized on a European level; and According to the European Commission, “the European Research and Innovation Days are all about collaboration. Moreover, as the event will be held virtually, people from all over the world are invited to attend and share their ideas.”

Atlantis Engineering SA took part in R&I Days to present and promote AgriCoopValue project, an Erasmus+ Project, which aims to create a framework in order to apply a unified accounting system for agri-food cooperatives in the EU. It was a great opportunity to inform stakeholders and policymakers about the project’s objectives and at the same time to receive feedback and information by experts with great experience from all over the world.

Among all topics to be discussed on this unique platform were how research and innovation can respond to the urgent problems our world is facing, global cooperation, funding opportunities, skills and education and much more in the 15 thematic houses of the Horizon Village.