A major new pioneering strategy for Ireland’s food and drinks sector has received Government approval. “Food Vision 2030 – A World Leader in Sustainable Food Systems” has been launched.

ICOS President Jerry Long has welcomed the launch “Ireland has the heritage and inherent potential required to feed the world’s growing population with wholesome, natural and sustainably produced foods, as well as assuring domestic food safety and security for the future under this far-sighted new strategy to 2030 and onwards.” 

“The strategy is ambitious in targeting agrifood exports of €21bn by 2030 and the Irish co-operative sector is equally ambitious to support this agenda where we already contribute on a major basis to the rural and national economy, exports, employment and overall national competitiveness.  

“We will work to achieve this strategy through knowledge, innovation, the application of science and best practices in farming and food processing, in parallel with our commitment to protecting the environment and assuring the long term sustainability and viability of our farm families and our enterprises for the future.”

Link (Reference): www.icos.ie