DCOOP (www.dcoop.es) is a large second-tier food cooperative, with a turnover of over €1M in 2020. Its cooperative members are in turn owned by 75,000 farmers. DCOOP is the world’s largest olive oil producer and is also a leading wine production company, as well as operating in the supply, livestock, dried fruit and grain sectors.

COOPERATIVA GRANADA LA PALMA (www.granadalapalma.com) is a producer of tomato and other small fruit, with a turnover of about €250M. The cooperative is a union of workers, ideas and objectives, in a model open to the interests of the community and perfectly aligned with the new interests of consumers.

In both cases, the engagement in the project of implementation of the Social Accounting model is related to their social commitment and their Corporate Social Responsibility policies. Thus, they will provide better, more useful information for their key stakeholders (coop members and their families, consumers, institutions or local communities to name a few).

The Andalusian Union of Agrifood cooperatives, in collaboration with GEAccounting, is collaborating in the implementation of social accounting after the successful experience of COVAP, another Andalusian cooperative, last year. COVAP (www.covap.es) has a strong presence in the milk, meat and animal feed industries. COVAP defines itself as a “successful organization in meeting its challenges and taking up future opportunities for internationalisation and commercial development”, and it was the first cooperative to implement the Social Accounting model in the region of Andalusia.