AGACA (Galician Association of Agri-food Cooperatives) will host AgriCoopValue’s final conference in Santiago de Compostela (Spain) on the 27th of July. The event will gather representatives not only from the 7 project partners, but also from an array of cooperatives, social economy businesses and public and private institutions in Galicia.

The first talk will be about the Galician case study for the project, the agrarian cooperative Postoiro. Other talks will explore the monetization of social value in COVAP, an Andalusian livestock cooperative, and how the cooperative winery Viña Costeira put into practice what it learnt on AgriCoopValue’s training program.

In more general terms there will be talks about agri-food cooperatives in Ireland and Portugal and a round table about social aspects of agricultural cooperatives and rural environment in Eastern Europe and the main differences in monetizing social value.

Previously, on the 26th, the partners of the project will participate on the final steering comitee meeting.


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