AGRRA’s multiplier event in Croatia

AGRRA, Croatian partner on the AGRICOPVALUE project organized the Multiplier event in order to present all the intellectual results developed within the framework of the project.

The event took place in the Benkovac City Library on July 25, 2023.

AGRRA, as a host, introduced all activities and results to the present audience; the project was presented by project manager Ivana Mamić. After the project presentation, the participants were very interested in the Online platform and the material published. During the event the platform was presented “step by step” and all segments of the platform were elaborated briefly.

The multiplier event was a great opportunity for transfer of knowledge and creation of the firm network between public and private sector and project stakeholders. All intellectual outputs of the project were presented:

Output 1: Training itinerary for the monetization of social value in the agri-food sector;

Output 2: Standard models for calculating the social value of cooperatives for each agri-food subsector;

Output 3: Online platform.