GEAccounting’s multiplier event in Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain  

GEAccounting, Spanish partner on the AgriCoopValue project organized the Multiplier event in which close to half hundred people attended, in order to present all the results developed within the framework of the project, and connect with social economy and public-private link. 

The event took place in the Carlos Santamaria at University of the Basque Country on September 20, 2023. 

The program included the presentation of the obtained results of the project for measuring the social value of agri-food cooperatives: variables & Proxy review (Alfonso Etxanobe, Leire San-Jose, Jose L. Retolaza were organizers and presenters) and two Round Tables, first based on the relevancy from a Social Economic view and the second based on Public & Private collaboration. Some experts such as Ramon Bernal or Jose Luis Monzón were part of the invited experts.  

After the project presentation, the participants were very interested in the Online platform and the material published. During the event, the platform was presented and some main documents were shared with the participants in a USB.  

It was concluded that “it is a very useful model to show the value that Agriculture cooperative organizations generates, because they are doing much more than economical transactions, they are solving a basic need and they are doing in a well form”. 

To sum up, the model is not only useful for this sector, but for all social purpose organizations.