CONFAGRIs multiplier event in Portugal  

Calculating the social value of agricultural cooperatives is the aim of AgricCoopValue, a project in which Confagri participates. Today we presented the methodology and the first results of the project’s multiplier event. Several private and public organizations, co-operatives, as well as representatives from companies, universities and public and government bodies.  

In addition to the presentation of the project, its methodology and results, there was also a presentation by Copa-Gogeca on the importance of the Social Value of Agricultural Cooperatives in the European context, a presentation by CASES on Social Economy Accounts, a presentation on the approach to Galician cooperatives by Higinio Mougan from AGACA and a panel discussion with the participation of Adega de Palmela, CASES and the Catholic University of Porto.  

This project is just the first step on the road to demonstrating the full economic, social and environmental value of agricultural co-operatives. The result of AgriCoopValue is thus relevant not only for real knowledge of the sector, but also for making communication with society in general more efficient, thus contributing to greater recognition of the agricultural cooperative sector.